Kosher Chanukah Gelt

This 1.75 oz net is filled with Fair Trade Kosher chocolate coins, each wrapped individually.  Milk chocolate is wrapped in gold foil, and their new 70% dark chocolate in silver foil. Made with the finest fair trade cocoa, smooth cocoa butter and real vanilla.

  • Certified Kosher (OU-Dairy)
  • Grown in Ghana
  • $3.49 per bag (1.8 oz); 30 pack for $88.70

Fair Trade Judaica is pleased to be partnering with T’ruah on our Guilt-free Gelt Campaign. Along with your gelt order, you’ll receive a table tent with inspirational information and a kavana (prayer) to say before eating the gelt.

Divine Chocolate is donating 10% of all sales to Fair Trade Judaica and T’ruah to support our efforts in ending child slavery in the cocoa fields.

Retail Orders

We have put together a special Chanukah gelt page for you this year!! You can purchase 1 bag of 13 coins, a 10 pack or a 30 pack. No promo code required; just order your gelt from our new page and we receive the 10% donation.

Wholesale and Bulk Orders

You can place your order at Please use promo code GUILTFREEGELT at checkout to assure that we receive 10% of sales. Summer shipping is in effect through September, so you may want to wait until October before placing your order.

Made by this Artisan/Artisan Group