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    Chocolate Charoset Recipe

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    What better way to celebrate Fair Trade Kosher for Passover Chocolate this year than be creative and enjoy Chocolate Charoset.  This recipe comes from Philip Gelb, a well beloved vegan chef and caterer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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    Decorate Your Seder Table

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    We have lots of new beautifully handcrafted products to grace your Seder table.  These include this matzah holder (in 3 colors), and coasters featuring the 10 plagues.  Your purchase helps these artisans who are supporting families they left behind in Zimbabwe, when they moved to South Africa to seek work.  Fair Trade assures that they are making a fair and living wage for their craft.




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    Fair Trade Your Seder – Resources

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    This Passover, may we tell the story of thousands of children, often trafficked and without choice, laboring in the cocoa fields, and help bring about their freedom. Resources include our Haggadah supplement, “Fair Trade Dayenu” song, a chocolate charoset recipe, a special kavannah for eating Fair Trade Kosher for Passover chocolate, and much more.

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    Coffee is something near and dear to my heart. From that first cup in the morning, to the mug I dawdle over while chatting with a friend, to the shots of espresso that keep me awake during late night study sessions. Coffee is a necessary and beloved part of my life. Judaism gives me the […]

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  • It All Begins with the Artisans

    There would be no fair trade Judaica products if it weren't for the hard work and creativity of the artisans. In addition, they share with us the richness of their cultural heritage by using traditional craft methods, like weaving on a backstrap looms, as well as the colors and designs they have inherited.
    We are proud to bring you the faces behind these fair trade Judaica products, and share some of the stories of the people who touch our lives with their work.
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