• High Holyday Reflection on Fair Trade Coffee

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    Thanks so much to Rabbi Elliot Schoenberg for this educational and inspiring ‘Zochrenu Lechayim drash that  on  he gave at his synagogue in Teaneck, NJ on Kol Nidre about fair trade coffee.

  • Sukkot Harvest Papel Picado Banner

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    We just received another shipment from the artisans for all of you who wanted to order them but we had run out!


    Our new Sukkot Harvest Papel Picado (paper cut) banner, featuring the Seven Species!  They’re hand cut by artisans in Chiapas, Mexico, and will add color, delight, and autumnal feel to your sukkah!

  • Star of David Chime

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    Decorate your home, inside or out, with this beautifully handcrafted metal Star of David chime.  Made from recycled materials by artisans in India.

  • Recent Blog Post

    October 4, 2017 -

    Zochranu Lechayim by Rabbi Dr Elliot Salo Schoenberg September 29, 2017   Alfred Nobel was a Swedish chemist who held 355 patents, owned gold mines, and is best known as the inventor of dynamite. He was an excellent business man who manufactured armaments in 90 factories around the world. He was one of the wealthiest […]

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  • It All Begins with the Artisans

    There would be no fair trade Judaica products if it weren't for the hard work and creativity of the artisans. In addition, they share with us the richness of their cultural heritage by using traditional craft methods, like weaving on a backstrap looms, as well as the colors and designs they have inherited.
    We are proud to bring you the faces behind these fair trade Judaica products, and share some of the stories of the people who touch our lives with their work.
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