Kosher Chocolate, Coffee and Tea

Below is a list of fair trade certified chocolate, coffee and tea companies that have kosher certification (please note the specific certification in parenthesis). In some cases, not all of the products are kosher certified, so check to make sure.

Cocoa BeansKosher Fair Trade Chocolate

Chocolove (Scroll K) – only FT dark, FT cherry, FT currant/almond

Dean’s Beans Organic (Va’ad Kashruth Springfield, SVK)

Divine Chocolate (Triangle K)

Endangered Species (OU-D)

Equal Exchange (cocoa products are certified by Kashrut Council of Canada and chocolate bars are certified by Chief Rabbi of the Northern Rhine-Germany)

Heavenly Organics (OU)

Lake Champlain Chocolates (Star K for chocolate, OU for hot chocolate)

Pascha (Certified by Ashkenazi Orthodox Community in Peru)

SunSpire OU (includes many Pareve products)

Tcho (Earth Kosher)

Theo Chocolate (Kosher Services – Square K)

Tierra Farms (Earth Kosher)

Coffee BeansKosher Fair Trade Coffee

Deans Beans Organic (Kashrut by Vaad ha Kashruth of Springfield, Massachusetts)

Equal Exchange Organic (Orthodox Union)

Green Mountain (OU kosher)

Jim’s Organic Coffee (KVH, Rabbinical Council of New England)

Larry’s Beans (Atlanta Orthodox Kashrut Commission)

Nectar of Life (Va’ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle)

Pierce Brothers Organic (SVK Kosher certified)

Thanksgiving Coffee (Kehilla Kosher)

Tea LeavesKosher Fair Trade Tea

DAVIDsTEA  (Montreal Kosher)

Equal Exchange (Star K)

Frontier Coop (KSA)

Guayaki Organic (KSA)

G.S. Haley Tea (KSA- some products)

Honest Tea -all products except Honest Kids line, (OU)

Numi Tea (Apple K)

Rishi Tea (Wisconsin-K)

Runa (OU)

Tega Organic Tea (OU)

Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Organic (KSA certified)