“Fun” Ways to Use Leftover Gelt

Divine Coins out of Net If, by any chance, you have any leftover gelt (or find some under the couch after the holiday), here are some fun and creative ways to use the gelt:

  • Sufganiot/Chocolate Filled Doughnuts – try our recipe to taste how “divine” these taste!
  • S’mores – it may be past campfire weather, but it’s amazing to make s’mores in a toaster oven; the chocolate melts perfectly!
  • Hot chocolate – for a special treat, cook milk over a medium-low heat and stir in broken pieces of gelt.  Stir until melted, and enjoy!
  • Chocolate chip pancakes – especially good with mashed banana
  • Chocolate chip cookies – make your favorite version
  • Mole – Jews living in Latin America often eat fried plantains in mole sauce during Chanukah.  What about a mole sauce for latkes?
  • Trail Mix – add to your favorite selection of dried fruits and nuts
  • Cheese, Fruit and Chocolate platter – the irresistible combination of salty and sweet is perfection.
  • Fondue – melt pieces and dip in your favorite fruits (dates, figs, dried apricots) for Tu B’shvat