“Virtual” Fair Trade Kosher for Passover Chocolate Bar

Traditionally, every Passover seder ends with the words “Next Year in Jerusalem”, a prayer for complete redemption. Spiritually, Jerusalem represents wholeness, a time and place when all humanity will live together in peace and justice.

As long as forced child labor exists in our world, we cannot arrive at that Jerusalem. Although we can enjoy Fair Trade chocolate for 51 weeks of the year, it’s ironic that during Passover, when we celebrate our journey from slavery into freedom, there is no Fair Trade Kosher for Passover chocolate.

You can help ensure that a true Kosher for Passover Fair Trade chocolate bar is available next year. Please contribute to our campaign and we will send you by e-mail a “Virtual” Fair Trade Kosher for Passover Chocolate bar for your seder plate. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us expand outreach for this campaign, work with Fair Trade businesses to make Kosher for Passover products, and assist Kosher manufacturers to source Fair Trade cocoa products.
Choose a donation level that’s right for you:
$10.00 for Yocheved, who refused to participate in an unjust system
$18.00 for Pharoah’s daughter, who transcended boundaries of ethnicity and class to do what was right
$36.00 for Moses, who overcame self-doubt to become a leader
$72.00 for Miriam, who led her community in celebration
$180.00 for Elijah, as a symbol of hope for a better future for all

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