Guilt-free Gelt Tagline Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in Fair Trade Judaica’s Guilt-free Gelt tagline contest! We received fabulous submissions from all over the country (some made us laugh, some made us cry, some made us think!), and found the winner right in our own backyard!

Guilt-free Gelt Tagline Contest Winner JUDY MASSARANO a Berkeley-based Jewish educator, and her inspiration for writing the tagline: “My thinking is that by buying this chocolate, funds and awareness can be raised to prevent future child trafficking and unsafe environments for all chocolate workers.

Some of our other favorite submissions are:

Joy Without the Oy
Cynthia Freeman
I love reading FTJ’s newsletter and seeing the connections you are making around the world that help craftspeople improve their lives – and Jews buy products without exploiting or impoverishing those who create them.
Put your money where your mouth is!
its a phrase that implies spending on things you believe in, backing up your beliefs with your purchase. AND It’s money you eat!
Taste the Freedom
R Menachem Creditor
A Taste of Freedom
The connection between the values of fair trade and the meaning of Chanukah…and I love good chocolate!
Less kvetch, more kvell
Becky Jaffe
A Sweet Taste of Freedom
It speaks to the freedom from oppression that we gained at Chanukkah, to express our Jewish identity, and also the freedom we seek for those oppressed in today’s chocolate trade. And, of course, how delicious the gelt is!
The Greatest Gimmel to Get!
The product is such a win-win: ethical and delicious! What better connection with a winner than to connect it (with yet more “G” words) to the winning letter of the driedel game that everyone loves to play when they have gelt coins!
Let’s Play Fair
Myrna Greenfield
The guilt-free gelt is all about making sure that our pleasure doesn’t come at the expense of children’s labor. The word fair refers back to Fair Trade. And play refers to spinning the dreidel. And the word let’s is an invitation to participate.
Answering to a Chai-er calling
Make it a Festival of Rights
Winning chocolate! No, being able to help promote Jewish social justice.
Great Miracles are Happening Here
Melissa Hirsch
I like that this campaign is not only about the “operational philosophy” of fair trade organizations, but also about bringing attention to an issue that desperately needs change. Consumers should know that the product they bought is one catalyst of that change.
Gelty as Charged: Jewish, Fair, Delicious
Rebecca Rottapel
I really support the spirit of your organization- products consumed by Jewish communities should consider the quality of life of the communities where they are created and developed. I wanted to make a tagline that was informative, cutesy and to the point.
Tikkun Olam Never Tasted So Good!
Chocolate is a favorite around the entire world, and using Fair Trade repairs the world one coin at a time.