Matur Suksema

Matur Suksema is a fair trade wholesaler working predominately working with  individual artisans and/or families in Indonesia.  Their artisans often work from their homes, working in family and village groups, creating beautiful products using age old methods. Many are women, supplementing the family income with their creations. Some of the villages are quite isolated.

They look for products made with natural sustainable materials or from recycled materials. Their main products are handcrafted Bali sterling silver beads and hand carved bone cabochons and pendants, Matur Suksema does a limited number of handicrafts, particularly wood carvings.

Matur Suksema is a member of the Fair Trade Federation.

Their first Judaica product is a hand carved Torah yad (pointer).

Matur Suksema wholesales its products to fair trade and other retailers, and sells their products on-line. Fair Trade Judaica is wholesaling to the Jewish community; please contact us if you would like to place an order.

Matur Suksema