Streetwires (South Africa)

Streetwires works with Zulu wire art craftspeople, who mold recycled wire, beads, and tin cans into colorful toys, keychains, jewelry, and gifts. Established in 2000, it provides training, support, and raw materials to over 100 formerly unemployed men and women in Cape Town and rural Clanwilliam. Streetwires has expanded its reach, opening a center in Johannesburg in 2007 which was then turned over to entrepreneurial artisans. Its goal is to develop leaders who demonstrate to the community that it is possible to start a successful business despite challenging circumstances.

Sidumisile Gasela (in photo) says: “I didn’t have work when I came to South Africa from Zimbabwe, but I came to Streetwires and I learned to bead. That was in 2003. I am a very good beader, so now I am beading with the sample artists…”

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