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Late June 2018 Newsletter
Tammuz 5778 
Fair Trade is Pathway to Regenerative Agriculture
Fair Trade Regenerative Farmers
As this article explains, small scale farmers are the key to combatting climate change. Through their regenerative agricultural practices, tons of carbon can be sequestered into the soil from the air and, increasing its fertility, and feeding more people. Additionally, the increased income that stays within local communities has a multiplier economic development benefit.
Cool Off This Summer With Homemade Fair Trade Chocolate Granita
Summer officially started last week, so it’s time for some delicious cooling desserts! Here’s one from Equal Exchange, our Jewish Fair Trade Partner along with T’ruah, made from just a few simple ingredients. Enjoy!
Chocolate Granita Bowl
Philly Fair Trade Shabbat
Fair Trade Philadelphia Shabbat
Thanks to Jessica Herrmann, team leader at Repair the World Philadelphia, people across Philly gathered for a night of Jewish learning, locally-sourced food, and thought provoking conversation about ethical purchasing. Appreciation to Reconstructing Judaism, Fair Trade Philadelphia, and local fair trade entrepreneurs for making the event such a great success!
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