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Late May 2018 Newsletter
Sivan 5778 
Parshat Beha’alotcha Inspired our Jewish Healing Flags
On Shabbat morning, June 2, we read Parshat Beha’alotcha, which inspired the design of our Jewish Healing Flags from Nepal. In this parsha, Miriam is stricken with a skin disease, and Moses prays for her, El Na Refah Na La, (Please Gd, please heal her), the Torah’s first prayer for healing. Our Jewish Healing flags feature this prayer and ask for healing for Body, Heart, Mind and Soul. Now on sale, 33% off!
Healing Flag Set
Time for Fair Trade Iced Tea
Try these delicious and easy iced tea concentrate recipes from Equal Exchange: all fair trade and organic, decaf, caffeinated and herbal selections! Join our Jewish Fair Trade Partnership and receive discounts on all tea purchases (coffee and chocolate too!)
Fair trade Iced Tea
Fair Trade Shabbat in Brooklyn!
Fair Trade Condiment Bowl
Thanks to Sara Weinreb, FTJ Advisory Board member, activist, and all around great person, for hosting an interesting and delicious Fair Trade Shabbat program at her home – sorry we weren’t able to be there to eat the luscious looking food! And, thanks to OneTable for their generous partnership.
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