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Late April 2018 Newsletter
Iyar 5778 
New Youth, Teen and Young Adult Fair Trade Ed Materials
Fair Trade Judaica is excited to share brand new FREE age-appropriate activities and resources - DIY fair trade spa recipes, MadLibs, card games, and more! Great to share the week before Fair Trade Shabbat, May 11-12. Thanks to Tamara Rebick for her great work!
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Fair Trade Kosher Coffee, Tea & Cocoa for All Night Study
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Getting ready for a night of study and revelation on Shavuot, Saturday, May 19? Try these delicious fair trade and Kosher certified coffees, teas, and cocoas to keep you inspired through the night. There are lots of new choices this year!
Mayan Women Speak About Cultural Justice Video
Our weaving is a reflection of the soul of the Maya. It’s only fair that if others are benefitting economically from our work and creations, there should be a reciprocal relationship.” The Guatemalan government recently passed a law recognizing the intellectual property of Mayan textile designs. It’s an important reminder to know where your clothes come from!
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