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Mid-March 2017 Newsletter
  Adar-Nissan 5777

FTJ envisions a world where Jewish consumers recognize fair trade as an expression of core Jewish values, seek out fair trade Judaica products, and use their purchasing power to support thriving communities of artisans around the world.

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Your tax deductible gift helps us provide assistance and support to fair trade artisans around the world, so that they, their families and communities can live with economic and social stability.


Beautiful Wire and Bead
Matzah Holders

We have a new shipment of beautifully handcrafted beaded Matzah Holders from South Africa available in three colors; an elegant way to display your matzah that also saves space on the Seder table! Great to bring as a gift. Order by Tuesday, April 4 for arrival before the first night of Seder.
Multi-color Matzah Holder White Matzah Holder Blue Matzah Holder

Organic Fair Trade Kosher for Passover Chocolate!!!

Fair Trade Chocolate for Purim and Passover
Celebrate Pesach with the sweet taste of child labor-free Fair Trade Kosher for Passover chocolate! NEW this year: 88% Extreme Dark Equal Exchange’s pareve chocolate bars AND a gift box of eight bars – the perfect gift for your Seder host. Eight bars, dark minis, and chocolate chips are included on the Conservative Movement’s Rabbinic Assembly’s 2017 List of Approved Passover Foods. Orders must be received by MONDAY, March 27 to arrive in time for Pesach. You can also find them at Whole Foods, Ten Thousand Villages brick and mortar stores, and your local food coop.

Fair Trade Shabbat - May 12-13, 2017

Agent of Change StarSave Friday/Saturday May 12 - 13 for this year's Fair Trade Shabbat program (Parshat Emor). Thousands of people around the world will be celebrating World Fair Trade Day, and Fair Trade Judaica has put together a unique program and lots of resources for synagogues and other groups to observe this day Jewishly. Check out our resources here. We are excited to partner with the Rabbinical Assembly of the Conservative Movement.

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FTJ on FacebookFind out about new fair trade Judaica products as soon as they hit the market and when our blogs are posted!
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