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March 2017 Newsletter
  Adar-Nissan 5777

FTJ envisions a world where Jewish consumers recognize fair trade as an expression of core Jewish values, seek out fair trade Judaica products, and use their purchasing power to support thriving communities of artisans around the world.

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Your tax deductible gift helps us provide assistance and support to fair trade artisans around the world, so that they, their families and communities can live with economic and social stability.


Fair Trade Kosher Mishloach Manot

Fair Trade Kosher Mishloach Manot TreatsPurim is just a week away (March 11 - 12), so it's your last chance to put together Mishloach Manot packages! We’re excited that there are so many new Fair Trade and organic options available this year. Fair Trade Judaica has pulled together a list of delicious treats that are perfect for Mishloach Manot.

Chocolate Hamentaschen Recipe

Fair Trade Chocolate HamantaschenOne of the deeper themes of Purim is that we are told to celebrate the holiday, and make it possible for those less fortunate to also join in the festivities. When we feast or send food packages, are the products we use harming or benefiting the workers? In many situations, those “less fortunate” are the people who grow the food we use to celebrate our holidays. They suffer from market-driven forces that pay them less than the food’s real value; they don’t have access to world markets and get taken advantage of by local distributors or large corporations; and prices on the world market fluctuate, so they can never be sure what price they’ll receive when it’s time to sell a crop. Choosing fair trade chocolate and sugar for our Hamentaschen better assures that the farmer who grew the raw ingredients for those foods, has received a fair price.
Baking your own hamentaschen this year? Try this recipe using fair trade chocolate. Kosher Fair Trade chocolate chips are available from Equal Exchange (Orthodox Peru), Pascha (Orthodox Peru), SunSpire (OU), Tcho (EarthKosher), and Tierra Farms (EarthKosher).

Fair Trade Purim Spirits

Fair Trade Spirits Line
If you follow the “Ad lo Yada” tradition of Purim (not being able to distinguish between ‘cursed be Haman’ and ‘blessed be Mordecai’), vodka made from fair trade quinoa, juniper gin, rum from Belize, or coffee or goji infusions may be your drink of choice! All of these selections are available at Fairtrade Spirits on-line.

Weaving and Torah from Guatemala

Guatemala 2014 Group At Hot SpringsDeep appreciation to R. Bennett Miller for his eloquent weaving of our experiences with Mayan artisans and our Shabbat morning davening, only a few weeks ago in Guatemala.
Read his blog post about the experience.


Fair Trade Your Pesach Table

Beaded Matzah HolderWe know that some of you are already thinking about your Pesach seder table, so wanted to tell you about this beautifully handcrafted wire and bead Matzah holder from South Africa. It’s the perfect way to keep matzah in one piece and pass around the table! Available in white, dark blue, or turquoise colors.

FTJ at Rabbinic Conferences

FTJ on the Road We’re looking forward to seeing our rabbinic colleagues at the following conferences – and hope you’ll visit us at our vendor booth! We’ll have kippot, Torah yads, mezuzot, B’nai Mitzvah Gift Collection, and resources for your synagogue.

Fair Trade Shabbat 2017

Fair Trade Shabbat 2017 is scheduled for Friday/Saturday May 12-13, Parshat Emor. Please contact Ilana for more details.

Fair Trade News

Trafficking ChildThe phrase “fair trade” has been grossly misused frequently in our current political climate. All the major Fair Trade umbrella organizations in the US have come together with a joint statement declaring that “True fair trade is about mutually beneficial relationships rooted in trust and respect spanning geographic and cultural boundaries.” Fair Trade Judaica is proud to be a signatory. You can download the complete statement (PDF) here.

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