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June 2016 Newsletter
  Iyar-Sivan 5776

FTJ envisions a world where Jewish consumers recognize fair trade as an expression of core Jewish values, seek out fair trade Judaica products, and use their purchasing power to support thriving communities of artisans around the world.

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Your tax deductible gift helps us provide assistance and support to fair trade artisans around the world, so that they, their families and communities can live with economic and social stability.


Coffee, Tea and Cocoa to Study
All Shavuot

Preparing for revelation requires being awake and aware! Here's a list of fair trade and kosher coffee, tea, and cocoa choices for your all night Shavuot studying!
Coffee, Tea and Cocoa

Parshat Beha’alotcha inspired
our Jewish Healing Flags

Jewish Healing Flags
On Shabbat morning, June 25, we read Parshat Beha’alotcha, which inspired the design of our new Jewish Healing Flags from Nepal. In this parsha, Miriam is stricken with a skin disease, and Moses prays for her, El Na Refah Na La, (Please Gd, please heal her), the Torah’s first prayer for healing. Our Jewish Healing flags feature this prayer and ask for healing for Body, Heart, Mind and Soul.

Come Visit Us

FTJ on the Road We’ll be travelling around the country the next couple of months at Jewish fairs and conferences – come visit us if we’re in your area! We have lots of new products to share, including our new Jewish Healing Flags, B’nai Mitzvah Collection, organic baby onesies and Tree of Life kisii stone bowls and plates.

Blog – Fair Trade Shabbat Drash

Cocoa PodsHope you’ll be inspired by this drash delivered by Carole Baden, on Fair Trade Shabbat 2016. Carole is a long-time member of Congregation Netivot Shalom in Berkeley, CA, currently serving on the Board of Directors.
What makes fair trade so aligned with Jewish values? All we need to do is look at our parshah. Chapter 19, verse 13 in Kedoshim states, “Lo-ta‘ashok et re‘acha velo tigzol lo-talin peulat sakhir itcha ad-boker” (“Do not oppress your neighbor or rob him”).

Fair Trade News

Sindyanna of Galilee LogoIndigenous farmers in Cajola, Guatemala have seen their livelihoods devastated by free trade deals and agribusiness, and will take desperate risks to support their families.
This article, Desperation drives American dream in Guatemalan town of lost opportunity tells the stories of forced migration and the impacts on those left behind.

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FTJ on FacebookFind out about new fair trade Judaica products as soon as they hit the market and when our blogs are posted!
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