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March 2014 Newsletter
  Adar/Nisan 5774, March 2014

FTJ envisions a world in which Jewish consumers recognize fair trade as an expression of core Jewish values, seek out fair trade Judaica products, and use their purchasing power to support thriving communities of artisans around the world.

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Your tax deductible gift helps us provide assistance and support to fair trade artisans around the world, so that they, their families and communities can live with economic and social stability.


Fair Trade Your Purim

Purim begins Saturday evening, 3/15, and the mitzvah of giving Mishloach Manot (literally, "sending of portions") comes from the Book of Esther. It is meant to ensure that everyone has enough food for the Purim feast held later in the day, and to increase love and friendship.
Fair Trade Kosher Mishloach Manot TreatsFair Trade Judaica has compiled a comprehensive list of Kosher and Fair Trade certified foods for your Mishloach Manot baskets, including chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, teas, and other treats. The specific Kosher certification is listed so you can choose what's right for you and your community. Most products are available at both wholesale and resale prices. We've also written a kavannah for you to send with your packages.
Buy our Fair Trade Grogger!Say NO to Haman this Purim with the first ever fair trade grogger! Handcrafted from hale wood in India, this beautifully painted grogger will add a festive sound to the reading of the Megillah. Originally offered by Ten Thousand Villages, now available through Fair Trade Judaica. Only 6 left in inventory!
Fair Trade Vodka and RumAnd, if you follow the "Ad lo Yada" tradition of Purim (not being able to distinguish between 'cursed be Haman' and 'blessed be Mordecai', vodka made from fair trade quinoa or rum from Belize may be your drink of choice! If you live near San Francisco, Los Angeles, the Pacific Northwest, or New York, you can find it in bars, restaurants and local retailers; otherwise you can find it at Fairtrade Spirits on-line.

Recipe for Chocolate-filled Hamentashen

Fair Trade Chocolate HamantaschenWe couldn't help ourselves! We had to find a Fair Trade chocolate-filled hamentaschen recipe to share with you! Originally posted for a blog in The Jew and the Carrot, the article also provides a comprehensive overview of the meaning of hamentaschen.

Fair Trade Kosher for Passover Chocolate

Equal Exchange Web SiteShehechiyanu! We are now able to enjoy chocolate on Passover that isn't tainted with child labor! These products received a Rabbinic psak last year that they can be eaten on Passover if purchased before the holiday begins, and are listed on the Rabbinical Assembly's 2014 Acceptable for Passover list. Must place your order by March 31 to assure that it arrives before Passover. In addition to eating this delicious chocolate on Passover, it makes a great Afikomen gift. We are excited to partner with T'ruah and Equal Exchange to offer your synagogue, religious school, and any Jewish organization the first fundraising program with Fair Trade (child labor free) Kosher for Passover chocolate! Information and ordering materials are on the Equal Exchange website.

Chocolate Seder

Jews on the Chocolate TrailRabbi Deborah Prinz, author of Jews on the Chocolate Trail, has put together a haggadah that "shifts the creative, yet over-the-top chocolate-consumption of the popular chocolate seders to a use of chocolate for the Seder's ritual foods to further meaningful conversation about values and challenges related to chocolate."

Decorate Your Pesach Table

We are excited to bring you these beautifully handcrafted products from South Africa which are only available at Fair Trade Judaica's online store. The wire and bead matzah holders are available in blue/silver, white, turquoise/multi-colored, and add elegance and space to your Seder table. The set of 6 coasters are hand painted and feature the 10 plagues
wire and bead matzah holders set of 6 coasters

Fair Trade Shabbat

World Fair Trade Day 2014Save Saturday May 10 for this year's Fair Trade Shabbat program (Parshat Behar). Thousands of people around the world will be celebrating World Fair Trade Day, and Fair Trade Judaica is putting together a unique program for synagogues and other groups to observe this day Jewishly. More details available in mid-March; for more information, contact ilana@fairtradejudaica.org.

Fair Trade World News

Distinguishing Committed Brands Through Major Eco-Social and Fair Trade CertificationsThe Fair World Project has recently published a guide to help consumers, retailers, and businesses identify "fully committed" fair trade products vs. conventional brands that offer some certified products or ingredients.

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