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Chanukah 2011 Newsletter

  Kislev 5772/December 2011

FTJ envisions a world in which Jewish consumers recognize fair trade as an expression of core Jewish values, seek out fair trade Judaica products, and use their purchasing power to support thriving communities of artisans around the world.

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Your tax deductible gift helps us provide assistance and support to fair trade artisans around the world, so that they, their families and communities can live with economic and social stability.


Fair Trade Your Chanukah!

On Chanukah we not only celebrate our people’s freedom, but are also called upon to re-dedicate ourselves to work for the freedom and liberation of all people. Making consumer choices based on fair trade principles provides a powerful opportunity for us to act on our Jewish values. Here are some specific Fair Trade products you can choose to use this Chanukah:

You can read the rest of the blog post here.

Human Rights Shabbat 2011

Focus on Fair Trade!

Fair Trade Judaica is honored to have been asked by Rabbis for Human Rights to prepare “Teaching Fair Trade Principles and Masekhet Zechuyot Ha’Adam: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights with Jewish Sources” as part of their 2011 Human Rights Shabbat campaign. The supplement includes:

  • An introduction to the topic
  • Teaching by Chevruta style
  • Jewish text sources matched with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Text study questions
  • World Fair Trade Organization’s 10 Fair Trade Principles

Here’s a link to the study piece. For more resources on Rabbis’ for Human Rights’ 2011 Human Rights Shabbat program, go to their website.

2nd Annual Fair Trade Judaica Fair

FTJ FairAll who attended this year’s fair at the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco were treated to wide variety of beautiful and uniquely hand-crafted Judaica products. The top sellers were all kinds of Fair Trade chocolates, kippas (both hand crocheted and others made from recycled soda cans), prayer holders, and Fair Trade liqueurs.

Human Rights Shabbat 2011Many attendees took advantage of working with artist Jennifer Ewing, who taught participants how to make beautiful woven bracelets from yarn and rubber bands!

Check out these photos from the fair.

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area this Sunday, December 11, come visit us at the Osher Marin JCC’s “Festival of Lights” from 12:00 -3:00 pm. Fair Trade Judaica will have a variety of menorahs, beaded mezzuzahs, wooden groggers, and our own Jewish blessing flags for sale.

News from the Fair Trade Movement

FairTrade International (FLO), the major international fair trade certifying organization, recently published “Challenge and Opportunity”, a compilation of 2010 global fair sales figures. Highlights from the report include:

  • 2010 was another year of impressive growth for fair trade
  • Shoppers spent almost $6 billion dollars in 2010, up 27% from 2009
  • Fair trade sales in the U.S. rose by 5%
  • The largest increases were in the Czech Republic, South Africa, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia
  • Fair trade wine and cocoa sales almost tripled, with smaller increases for coffee and sugar

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