Passover Seder Song Contest Winners

Song Contest LogoFair Trade Judaica is excited to announce the three top winners from our Passover Seder Song Lyrics Writing Contest! We were overwhelmed with responses and impressed by the submissions we received!

Thanks to our awesome panel of judges: Craig Taubman, Rabbi Menachem Creditor, Michelle Citrin, Si Kahn, and Steve Seskin for their thoughtful consideration and review.

This Passover, may we tell their story and help free those children laboring in the cocoa fields!

Enjoy the videos, download the lyrics, sing them at your Seders and let us know how it enriched your Passover experience.

1st Place – Eliana Light, “BaShanah HaZeh” (This Year)

Eliana’s Web Site:
BaShanah HaZeh LyricsEliana: “When we celebrate Passover, it is crucial not just to remember our own suffering, but to recognize that there is suffering and slavery still happening today. In this song, I try to give voice to the hardships of children worker’s in the cocoa fields, connect their plight to Passover, and encourage people to make conscious consumption choices to help end exploitation in manufacturing and trade. I chose B’shana Ha’baah because of its repetitive, easy melody, but also because of its hopeful message of a better, more peaceful tomorrow.”

2nd Place – Talia Cooper, “Fair Trade Dayenu”

More music from “Entirely Talia”:
Fair Trade Dayenu LyricsTalia: “I watched the “The Dark Side of Chocolate” video after reading about it on the Fair Trade Judaica website. I was imagining singing Dayenu in the future, when child labor — and all forms of slavery — have truly been abolished, just as we now sing Dayenu to remember the end of the Jews’ slavery in Egypt.”

Honorable Mention – Richard Miles “Will You Free Us?”

Will You Free Us? LyricsRichard: “I was inspired to write the song after hearing about modern day slavery.”

Other Special Appreciations