Fair Trade your Seder

Every Passover we gather as family and community, to celebrate our people’s freedom. We are obligated to tell the story of the Exodus, our journey from slavery to liberation. We eat maror to remind us of the bitter taste of that experience.

In every generation a person is obligated to see him or herself as though he/she had personally been redeemed from Eqypt“, we read in the Haggadah. In recalling our people’s experience in Egypt, we are urged to remember that we were once slaves. We tell the details of the story, act it out, and eat charoset, symbolizing the mortar with which our ancestors made bricks for the Egyptians – we attempt to “experience” what slavery felt like.

Though we may not be actual slaves ourselves today, our history moves us to ask “Where does slavery exist today?”, “Who is enslaved?” “What is that slavery like?”

Thousands of children in West Africa, often trafficked and without choice, work hard to bring us our favorite chocolate treats. They spend long hours, working in hazardous conditions, not going to school, and losing their childhoods.

This Passover, may we tell their story and help free those children laboring in the cocoa fields!

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