Comments on Fair Trade Kosher for Passover Chocolate Petitions

This is what other people are saying. What do YOU think?

A.L.: To me, a product whose manufacture involves transgressing laws on fair working conditions can never be truly kosher, despite meeting the conditions for a hecksher.

R.B.: As I try to become more intentional about my food choices, fairly traded items have become very important to me. To not have fairly traded chocolate available for Pesach is terrible.

J.F.: Passover by definition is about liberating us from oppression; not enabling oppression. Anything enabling oppression is totally inappropriate for use at Passover or for any other Jewish practice.

JM: I don’t feel comfortable celebrating my freedom based on someone else’s slavery.

B: Please make fair trade Passover chocolate. There is a huge demand in my community. It is the only type of chocolate I try to eat. We should not celebrate freedom at the expense of other people’s slavery.

T.B.: I think Fair Trade Kosher for Passover chocolate is an obvious addition to the menu and hope you will work to bring it about. Thank you.

R.L.: To me, if it isn’t fair trade, it isn’t kosher.

E.C.: Pesach foods should reflect the highest values of the holiday. Until I see fair trade chocolate being used and promoted for Passover, I cannot encourage anyone to buy “Kosher for Passover” chocolate.

S.D.: Please do this for next Passover I assure you people will purchase it…and stop using child labor inappropriately.

S.P.R.: It’s heartbreaking to think of celebrating our own liberation by eating the products of slavery! We consumers are definitely willing to pay more for a product with a Fair Trade label.

M.G.: In celebrating our holiday of freedom, we need to demand freedom and justice for those harvesting cocoa beans in sub-human conditions.

S.G.: I don’t want to participate in the slave trade or support it, particularly during the festival of freedom! Help bring home the message of fair trade chocolate by making Kosher for Passover chocolate available so we can feast in freedom!

L.K.C.: I would love to be able to add chocolate to our Passover celebration but feel that, especially in light of the meaning of the holiday, this would only be appropriate with Fair Trade chocolate. Thank you for considering this request.

M.I.-S. I rely on OU, star-K, circle-K to tell my food is kosher — the labor conditions for all people involved in producing the food, beginning with growing and harvesting ingredients should also be consistent with the highest standards… standards of justice