Hot Cocoa on a Cold Night


One of the best ways to warm winter’s chill is with a steaming cup of hot cocoa. And given the recent weather, what could be better?

Much to our delight, we’ve found several NEW Kosher and Fair Trade hot cocoa mixes for your enjoyment!  It’s exciting that our choices are expanding.



Café Moto offers an organic mix in 1, 5 and 10 pound bags
Cisse has four hot cocoa flavors (OU-D) in 7 ½ oz canisters – semisweet, cinnamon, vanilla bean, and hazelnut
Dean’s Beans offers a 12 oz. organic hot cocoa mix (SVK)

Equal Exchange offers two organic regular and spicy hot cocoa mixes (OU-D), 12 oz. and 5 lb. bulk orders.  Wholesale also available
Frontier offers a variety of bulk organic hot cocoa mixes (KSA)
Lake Champlain offers several gourmet organic hot cocoa mixes (OU-P)   in a 16 oz. can (traditional, mocha, spicy Aztec, marshmallow)
Tcho Chocolate a offers 250 g canister of Drinking Chocolate (Earth Kosher)

And for those in Canada: Cocoa Camino offers chili and spice, dark chocolate and milk chocolate mixes in 336 g containers or individual packets.