Guilt Free Gelt Song

Song Contest LogoFair Trade Judaica is excited to announce that we have commissioned the amazingly talented Talia Cooper to write a new song for us this year.  Talia was the second place winner in last year’s Passover Seder Song Lyrics Writing Contest, and her song “Fair Trade Dayenu” went viral!

This Chanukah, we celebrate that we are able to enjoy delicious chocolate gelt not made with children laboring in the cocoa fields!

Enjoy the video, download the lyrics, sing them while enjoying the Chanukah lights, and let us know how it enriched your Chanukah experience.

To hear more from Talia go to:

Guilt Free Gelt song lyricsTalia says, “For me, Chanukah is a great excuse to get together with friends and family. The candles and the flame are beautiful symbols of hope. I believe it is important that we honor families and hope everywhere by putting our money where are values are and demanding an end to modern day slave labor.”