Wholesome Sweeteners

Wholesome Sweeteners’ mission is to supply only the finest organic and natural sugar products from ethically and environmentally responsible growers and manufacturers, and provide consumers with the choice of safe, flavorful, organic and natural sugars that are produced with respect for the environment, human welfare, food safety, and the health and nutritional needs of consumers’ families.

Wholesome Sweeteners holds fast to a “Fair Trade, Not Aid” philosophy. Wholesome pioneered fair trade certification for sweeteners and in so doing, fostered ever-widening agricultural and community development programs while providing stable economic resources for our cooperative partners in developing countries.

The honey and other sweeteners are certified fair trade through TransFair USA & Fair Trade Labelling Organizations International, 3rd party certifiers, who make sure that agreements made are kept-by all parties. TransFair also offers programs to cooperatives that help them develop business acumen and promotes the Fair Trade message in the US.

The honey is certified Orthodox Union Kosher,certiified organic by Quality Assurance, and certified fair trade by TransFair.

Their Judaica products include kosher organic fair trade honeys.

Wholesome Sweeteners wholesales its products to a variety of retailers, and sells its products on-line through Amazon.

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