Join us at the Fair

Sunday, October 17
2:00 – 5:00 pm
East Bay JCC
1414 Walnut Street , Berkeley


Products You’ll find for sale:

Menorahs – Hand painted from El Salvador
Wire and bead from South Africa
Mezuzot – Embroidered from Israel
Beaded from Guatemala
Kippot – Handwoven from Guatemala
Recycled soda cans from South Africa
Printed fabric from South Africa
Embroidered from the Burma/Thailand border
Knit from India
Tallit – Handwoven from Guatemala
Challah and
Afikomen/Matzah covers –
Fabric from South Africa
Handwoven from Guatemala
Embroidered from Guatemala
Decorative banners – Hand woven from Guatemala
Paper cut from Mexico
Cards – Paper with enclosed woven bookmark from Guatemala
Paper decorated with wire and beads from South Africa
Jewelry – Silver pendants from Peru
Kosher chocolate
and coffee

If you’d like to help with the planning and/or volunteer at the event, please contact us: