Tzanjuyu Group (Guatemala)

This is Angela, from the Tzanjuyu MayaWorks group in Comalapa, Guatemala. Angela is a skilled weaver on both the backstrap and tredle foot loom. Angela has benefitted from long term, sustainable relationships with MayaWorks, as well as receiving capacity building trainings, and a fair wage.

The Tzanjuyu artisan group (pronounced San-who-you) is composed of eight highly skilled female artisans from the town of San Juan Comalapa. Artists in this area are well known for their masterful weaving and painting tradition. Artisans in this group have shown great enthusiasm and innovation in the creation of new designs over the years. They are skilled in weaving on both backstrap and tredle foot looms, sewing, and embroidery. The group is currently creating a variety of products including the Maya dolls, tallitot, customized conference products, bags, bibs, and scarves! They enjoy using their creativity to create these products.

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