Chiapas Papel Picado Artists (Mexico)

The artisans making papel picado (hand paper cut) banners live primarily in the Chiapas region of Mexico. As a result of globalization pressures, many artisans are forced to give up their traditional crafts and migrate to cities or the US in search of better economic opportunities. Your purchase creates an economic outlet for paper cutter artisans thus ensuring cultural traditions are passed on to future generations.

Papel Picado (Mexican Paper Cut-out) is a traditional art handmade by artisans from Mexico. The brightly colored tissue paper is handcut, using chisels and a top pattern as a guide. Although Papel de China (tissue paper) was originally brought to Europe from China and then to “New Spain” (Nueva Espana), the indigenous people of Mexico had already been using hand made paper (Amatl), along with the tradition of cut decorative and ceremonial images, for centuries. Today, papel picado is used as a decoration for all occasions and gives an immediately festive mood to any celebration!


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